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Take a minute a day to report your personal status. Even if you are healthy.

Help our researchers identify:

  • Risc areas in the Netherland.
  • In wich area does it develop faster then other areas.
  • What is the current medical resource need.

Frequently asked questions

Who owns the COVID Radar app?
What is the purpose of this scientific research?
Does anyone earn money with my data?
Do I also receive health advice?
What distinguishes the COVID Radar from other COVID apps?
What differences are there between the RIVM Radar and the LUMC COVID Radar?
Is the COVID Radar one of the apps the government is talking about?
How large is the COVID Radar initiative right now?
Is there also a website where I can enter my details?
Who uses my data?
How is my data protected?
How can I delete my data?
Why is the app hard to be found in the app stores?
Which data is collected?
Why is the data stored for 5 years?
Has the COVID Radar study been approved by the Medical Ethics Committee?
Is the COVID Radar app available for versions older than Android 6.0 and iOS 11.0?
Why do you ask so many permissions in the Android app?
Is there a version for the blind and visually impaired?
How often will I enter the data?
What will be done with my suggestions for improvements?
Is it possible to set the language of the COVID Radar yourself?
Can I change my profile details in the app?
Can I change my zip code?
Can I participate from abroad?
For how many people can I enter data?
Can I enter data for the past period?
If I click on send, will the data of all persons be sent?
Can I complete the app if I have other health problems, such as asthma or hay fever?
For my work, I come into contact with many people (supermarket employee, childminder, etc), can I indicate this?
Where can I share my suggestion or feedback about the app?
Can I still complete the questionnaire if my answer is higher than the maximum I can fill in?
How is it ensured that the population is representative and that the radar shows the correct insights?

About the research

With the COVID Radar app the LUMC collections data about your health and behaviour. With this data we want to get a better overview of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The importance of participation
In the Netherlands, there is so far limited testing whether people have the coronavirus or not. A person is only tested if he / she has symptoms, is hospitalized, belongs to a vulnerable target group, or works in the healthcare sector himself. As a result, we do not yet know exactly how many people in the Netherlands are infected with the virus. By collecting data on complaints from as many people in the Netherlands as possible, we can investigate how many people have (had) the corona virus and where they reside in the Netherlands. With this data we try to predict who is at great risk and who will be less and what the expected care demand will be: how many corona patients do we expect where and when? Your contribution to this research is very important to arrive at population-oriented advice and to predict the need for care. Do you have any questions about the app? Mail to

All information is treated confidentially. This data is stored securely in the Netherlands and stored for a maximum period of 5 years. The information is used for research by government medical authorities and academic research centers. A user of this app can exercise the rights of the General Data Protection Regulation by sending an email to the contact address mentioned in the app’s colophon.